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Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Answers Legal Questions- Kelly Law Team

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John Kelly is a Phoenix car accident attorney who will fight for every dollar you are owed. For more information on car accidents in Phoenix, visit . In this Google Hangout John answers legal questions related to car accidents and opens up for you to post your own questions. If you have a car accident question, simply post it in the comments section below and John will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

Question 1: How long do I have to file a claim on my insurance for a car accident? 0:55

Answer: Every state has its own limitation laws. These are the laws that determine that within how much time you can bring an accident claim or an injury claim. You have to consult an attorney in your own state for all the necessary information. Here in Arizona, you have two years from the date of accident to bring an auto accident claim.

Question 2: Can I negotiate a accident settlement without hiring an attorney? 2:08

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The truth is that the insurance companies try to settle and negotiate with the people involved in the accident as soon as possible before they hire an attorney. Just like I said before, it is best to consult an attorney so that he can guide you about what avenues you should be looking at so that you don't miss out on any avenue of compensation.

Question 3: I caused a wreck and was injured. I’ve missed a lot of work. Is my insurance supposed to cover my time off work? 3:48

Answer: Generally, an individual's own insurance policy doesn't cover the expenses if the individual himself was the reason behind the accident. There's a thing called 'liability coverage' in your insurance policy that covers the expenses of people whom you have caused some kind of injury or damage so that they don't come after you personally. Another part of it is that it covers you if someone injures you but they don't have enough insurance to cover your injuries. Also, there is a thing called 'no fault insurance' that people should try to get into their policy. That way it will also cover the expenses even if the accident happened because of their own fault.

Question 4: My insurance company has offered me a settlement for a car accident. I’m happy with the amount offered but my friends tell me I need an attorney. If I’m satisfied with my settlement why should I hire an attorney if I have to pay a contingency fee? 5:06

Answer: The truth is that you don't have to hire an attorney if you are satisfied with the amount the insurance company is offering you. However, it doesn't really hurt to consult an attorney. Most of the personal injury attorneys will give you a free consultation service. They may be able to give you a fair opinion about whether the insurance company is paying you a fair amount or not. They may be able to tell you about other avenues for compensation you might have missed out.

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    1. John Kelly

      +Michael Gordon Hi Michael, you are correct that every state has there own specific laws regarding personal injury cases. It is a good idea to contact a lawyer in the state in which the accident occurred.

  1. Tsar Bomba

    she ran a red light and hit me on Mill Ave. I was taken to hospital, St. Luke’s. car was totalled I suffered shoulder contusion, neck trauma soft tissue, headaches, numbness in left arm and hand, ear pain and pain in my side. My doctor has me in physical therapy. claim is open with you insurance. Happened in January of 16. How much can I expect (ball park) and why would I need an attorney?

    1. Tsar Bomba

      +John Kelly John, I have pre-existing injuries as well. I am an emotional wreck right now. I broke my neck and almost died in Casa Grande, 2008, in a T-Bone that was not my fault. He ran a stop sign. I have emotional and physical problems right now. At what point do you think, in your professional opinion, I will need a lawyer? If an when the settlement offer is not acceptable?

    2. John Kelly

      +Tsar Bomba Hi Tsar, I’d say you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. There are statute of limitation issues that can prevent you from bringing a claim at all if you wait too long. You want to protect your interests moving forward. Please contact a lawyer as soon as you can. I’d be happy to discuss the details of your case anytime.

    3. John Kelly

      +Tsar Bomba Hi Tsar, it sounds like you had a serious accident if you were taken to the hospital. Often, people will come to me after they have been unable to get a fair settlement from the insurance company. You do not need to hire an attorney, however, you may find that without an attorney it can be difficult to make your claims correctly in order to maximize your settlement. It would be a good idea to at least have a conversation with a lawyer of your choosing. Most, including my law firm, will offer a free consultation to give you some tips and help you along the way.

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