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Top Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Attorney | Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers

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Lawyers For People Injured In Chicago Drunk Driving Accidents :: Chicago Drunk Driving Car Accident Injury Attorney :: Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC

There can never be any good excuse for driving drunk and causing an accident that injures others. When a loved one is injured or killed from a drunk driver behind the wheel, family members often want to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable and that the victim receives proper medical care. Hiring a skilled attorney can ensure that the rights of the victim are fully protected.

The state of Illinois believes that driving under the influence is a serious crime because drunk driving accidents can ruin the life of victims who suffer injury or death. However, even with proper safeguards and stated rules of the road firmly in place, there are still too many people injured in drunk driving accidents. Often times, the individual driving under the influence simply does not care of the consequences, the vulnerability of hurting others or taking human life before starting the vehicle and driving on the road.

Serious Injuries Associated With Alcohol Impaired Drivers

People injured in drunk driving accidents often suffer even greater harm because drunk drivers are typically not aware of their actions. In many incidences, the individual driving drunk never takes any evasive action to avoid the collision, as a sober driver would. This includes slamming full speed into an oncoming car without ever slowing or stopping to avoid other motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists or objects.

In many incidences, drunk drivers sway between lanes and never attempt to make a correction. The intoxicated motorist can easily cause a head-on collision, rear end the vehicle ahead or speed through red lights completely unaware of their action. As a result, victims hit by a drunk driver suffer significantly more serious injuries and a higher rate of fatalities than those involved in an accident where all motorists are sober.

Avoiding Tactics Used by Insurance Companies In Drunk Driving Accidents

No family harmed by the negligent actions of a drunk driver should have to endure all the double-talk, delays and denials of insurance companies covering a drunk driving accident. Insurance companies will use nearly any type of tactic to avoid paying recompense to injured victims, especially when the responsible party is not the drunk driver that caused the accident.

Our skilled attorneys seek out all responsible parties other than the drunk driver that has a moral and legal responsibility to ensure no one gets behind the wheel intoxicated. We hold all entities and individuals at fault for the victim’s injury and damages. These additional parties can include bartenders, private clubs, social hosts, and employers with the duty to avoid over-serving alcoholic beverages to individuals already drunk.

Seeking Justice For People Injured Or Killed In Drunk Driving Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers continues to maintain the respect of legal peers in the community. Our legal team consistently achieves successful results in seeking justice in holding drunk drivers accountable for their negligent actions. We set the bar high to ensure our legal team provides superior legal representation from building a strong case to obtaining the highest amount of financial recompense possible for our clients.

With their years of experience, we have developed proven skills necessary to negotiate fair and full compensation for the victims we represent. When a fair settlement cannot be obtained, we take the personal injury case to trial to present the evidence in front of a judge and jury.

There is no excuse for driving under the influence, especially when it results in a vehicle accident with injuries or death. When a serious injury or death occurs from impaired driving, it is essential to hire the skills of experienced attorneys to ensure proper and fair compensation. Often times, victims of drunk driving accidents, where the driver’s intoxication was significantly higher than the legal BAC limit, are entitled to receive punitive damages as well.

Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer
Chicago Drunk Driving Accident
Chicago Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

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