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Head-on collisions discussed by a Chicago auto accident lawyer and car crash attorney

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Head on collisions discussed by a Chicago auto accident lawyer and car crash attorney.

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Surprisingly, in 2011 just under 10% of all automobile accidents in the state of Illinois involved head-on collisions. This type of collision is responsible for around 3,900 fatalities each year, according to the federal government.

A head-on collision is defined as an accident that occurs when two vehicles traveling in different directions on the same road collide with one another. Sometimes these accidents are caused by drowsy drivers, distracted drivers, or a motorist simply not paying attention. We also unfortunately see a lot of head-on collisions caused by drunk drivers.

Head on collisions also occur when a motorist drives the wrong way down a one-way street or drives down the wrong side of an expressway. A head-on collision on a freeway usually has catastrophic results due to the high speeds involved.

In less populated rural and farming areas of Illinois, improper passing on highways often leads to head-on collisions.

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