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CA Medical Pay Coverage Explained | By San Diego Car Accident Attorney Mark Blane

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San Diego CA Car Accident Insurance Coverage Law Firm

San Diego California accident attorney Mark Blane discusses what "medical pay" insurance coverage is and how much you should have on your policy for you and your family. He explains what it is used for (what medical expenses) and why it is advantageous for your injury lawyer to utilize in his negotiations with the at-fault third party insurance carrier. It can actually help to increase your net recovery when you settle with the third party carrier.

Call me anytime with legal questions on these type of claims in California at (619) 813-7955! I welcome calls ALWAYS! If I don't take your case, I will try my very best to point you in the right direction with your injury claim!

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Mark Blane is an injury attorney in San Diego, California. He provides free information at his website because smart people need information first, and a lawyer second.

#MarkBlane handles the following types of Injury Cases:
1. Serious California Personal Injuries
2. Car Accident
3. Slip and Fall Accidents
4. Dog Bites, and Animal Attacks
5. Wrongful Death Claims
6. Product Defect Injuries
7. Workers Compensation
8. Burn injuries
9. Physical Assault injuries
10. Elder Abuse injuries
11. Motorcycle Collision injuries
12. Truck Collision injuries
13. Commercial Trucking injuries also known as Big Rig Accidents
14. Child Accidents and injuries
15. Playground Accidents and injuries
16. Bicycle Accidents and injuries
17. Pedestrian Accidents

Let Mark know how he can help you get more information on your San Diego injury case today. You can call him direct anytime at (619) 813-7955. Or you can download free injury guide books at

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The information in these videos shall not be construed as forming an attorney relationship. Only a written retainer signed by my law office and a person can form an attorney relationship in personal injury.

My Law Office is located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California:

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