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Alleged Auto Insurance Fraud Scheme Uncovered In The Suburbs

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The Westchester County district attorney says the "fix" was in at a half-dozen auto repair shops, where surveillance video captured workers deliberately damaging vehicles. CBS2's Tony Aiello reports.

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    1. Tim Gadwa

      @Camaro 68 They also raise your rates. My husband was in a nest fatal accident and is disabled the accident was the other drivers who ran a stop sign and total our suburban. When I called and raised hell about it they said he had a accident, I said not his fault State Farm b had the audacity to say well so what not our problem so we dropped them and had our attorney go after him which was swore and Gato in Minnesota who never did a damn thing and took a lot of our money and left my husband with hardly anything and he’s disabled the rest of his life.

  1. djwestbrook36

    Not all car companies take it to damaging the cars themselves, but just know, this type of insurance fraud is WIDESPREAD across the country. Honestly, I would say its business as usual.

  2. Isaac 84

    Court approved security cameras, District Attorney… Yeah those shops are going to close for good and the owners with some of their employees might get big fines that might bankrupt them. Probably even get ordered to pay back all the Insuarance claim money they made for the year. They won’t financially recover from this crap.

    1. Tim Gadwa

      Covid-19 pure bullshit every year people come down with the flu at this time of the season usually it’s twice a year. Another scare tactic to get another president in there they’ve done this before look at history.

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